About us

The owner and founder, Giovanni Candido

1931 - 1960


This story begins thanks to the constant work, tenacity and love of a man, who managed to become an industrialist in the first half of the 1900s: Sir Giovanni Candido.

In 1931 he founded Fenicia, the trusted shirt, an example of how entrepreneurial ability and passion for his own job can give great satisfaction and visible benefits to a company, which already felt the first symptoms of the second great war coming.
This did not stop the activity of the budding industry, which after 1947 was in continuous evolution: initially involving about ten workers, it continued to grow up to quadruple the workforce.

So the success came for the Cavaliere Candido, who brought him to confront the rhythms and equipment of modernity.


THE 1960'S

The real turning point came in the 1960s thanks to Sir Giovanni’s son Giovanni, Gaspare, who took over the production management, with the introduction of the “just in time” production theory.

With an operating staff of 320 employees, engaging in a work of qualification of the workers and intermediate departments, decided for continuous renewal of the collections in absolute adherence to the liveliest needs of the market including factors of fit and comfort.

The Mercurio d'Oro Award

1967 - 1999

Therefore, the historic shop was only a launching pad towards expansion in Italy: the Fenicia shop became a company, and the company became an internationally known brand, so much so that in 1967, Sir Giovanni Candido received the Golden Mercury award, which is assigned to certain meritorious industries of productive development and economic collaboration.

In the 1980s the third generation entered the company, which obtained licenses for the production and distribution of renowned international brands: Krizia Man, Christian Dior, Pierre Balmain and Pierre Cardin.

Style shines through details



Today, with the third generation of Fabio and Sergio Candido, Fenicia also diversified into retail, launching the well-known brand Camicissima in 2004, which offers all its customers an unmistakable total look and shirts with undisputed sartorial quality, which are still its core business, continuing the excellence and tradition inaugurated by Sir Giovanni Candido.

Product quality and international expansion remain the constant of the mission of Camicissima: with over 130 stores in Italy, 200 in China and over 40 stores in the rest of the world.

Fabio e Sergio Candido, the third generation


In 2016 Camicissima joined the Elite programme of Borsa Italiana.

Elite is an international integrated services platform created to support companies in the realisation of their growth projects.

The programme is aimed at the best Italian companies and it helps them to trace their path to success:

  • supports them in a unique process of cultural and organizational change;
  • brings them closer to capital markets;
  • improves relations with the banking and business system;
  • facilitates internationalisation.


Camicissima creates clothing and accessories thinking of today’s man, who wants to feel comfortable with a casual and sophisticated style and be perfect for any occasion.

Who wears Camicissima chooses to wear a lively and dynamic style, but at the same time classic and fashionable.

Ours is a world of values and attention to quality and the search for the best details.

Our mission is to consolidate the relationship of trust of consumers who identify with our shirts, where the refinement of raw materials is achieved in the creation of a total look always in step with the latest trends.

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